Are You Doing Anime the Right Way?

Haha, that title.
 Seriously, who am I kidding? I do not have the single most interesting idea on how to do anime. 
All I know is... Nothing. 
Well, this is my first blog post. No, I am not new to this, thank you for asking. Your kindness leaves room to be desired. I had actually blogged before and then blogger had to change the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) interface and I was back to square one. I mean I could actually read the last one! Now I can't even make changes like I used to: fancy author titles, crazy amounts of animations, etc... (no, no animations.)

Just trolling. 
Still trolling...

This is actually a class project that I hope will grow into something more. I actually enjoy blogging. Like I said, I blogged before. But it was a book review blog. I absolutely love to read. I do, I really do. But that's just it: I read. People always want you to get some morals out of a story while a story can leave a good impression on me just by the amount of suspense that was able to be achieved. The grip-you-chair, heart-beating-too-fast style type-ish. Reading can affect my mood. It can take away stress for me. 
As I am an imaginative person who absolutely refuses to stay within reality, reading is just that: an escape. Yes, I may retain morals. But most often, the only time I will go really deep within a story is if my teacher asks me to.
This girl be reading like I usually do.
That is the reason why reading almost EVERY day just to post some blog post on Divergent, Everneath, etc.. (check 'em out) became slightly a bit too much. Not like this might not become too much for me. The only time I really stick with something is if I truly enjoy myself and find a way to keep it consistent. End of trolling. 

To answer a few questions--
Who Am I?
I am actually quite young. I am a teen. Should I tell you my specific age? That is left to be debated. (Sixteen). Well, I lost the debate. I am actually finishing high school in Quebec (graduating this year) and if you are wondering why a sixteen year old girl is graduating so early, you and I live in a different system.
 I love technology. I really do. I absolutely love people and am often bubbly. 

I always compliment others (even when it is not necessary) and believe it or not, I don't need anything in return. But in terms of emotion, I am on both end of the spectrum (or extremes): I am either extremely calm or extremely agitated. You get the idea. People are like an open book to me. If there was a test on people without me ever having to study, I would ace it. No problem. 
Emotions, body language and usually my first impressions are always 990% accurate. That's right, 990% accuracy. 
 I am a girl with an intense masochistic side. Please, don't run away. And oh? I am in LOVE with anime.
What will I be blogging about?
Anime. Anime. Anime. Anime.
You know who she is. That unmistakable scarf...
And more Anime. The titles of such anime? Wait for it. You won't be disappointed! I will review them all! Not all the animes in the world. I am on the honor roll and I have a life outside, y'all! 

Anyways, this is it! I survived my first blog post! There is nothing fancy about this. 
The moment that I start to get dirty, I will try my best to keep it entertaining. Thank you for those that did not yarn while reading this. 

You have been warned.


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