Mirai Nikki: The Future Diary Reviews

Hello. This is my third actual review. This review is about the absolutely awesome Mirai Nikki. This show is without a doubt my most favorite show after Fairytail (a review for later). I am guessing that Yuno Gasai takes precedence over this, shikashi, shinpai ne (damn my japanese!), this is a review fair and square. It's not all glowy glowy, and since it's my second most favorite show, I am going hard on this. Let's get started.

This psychological thriller, based on the manga written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno, is about Yuki, a loner who's not very good with people. He prefers to write a diary on his cell phone and talk to his imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina – The God of Time and Space. However, Yuki soon learns that Deus is more than a figment of his imagination when he makes Yuki participate in a battle royale with eleven others. The contestants are given special diaries that can predict the future, each diary possessing unique features that give it both advantages and disadvantages. Within the next 90 days, the contestants must try to survive until there is only one left standing. The winner will become the new God of Time and Space.
Sounds interesting? Here is my take and my story:

I could tell you about how long it took my, how many videos I watched on Youtube, how many hours I spent researching how gory is Mirai Nikki (don't tell me: I know!), and wondering why the hell this sounds so much like the Hunger Games? The Hunger Games... well, I read the whole series, watched the first movie and still have to see the second one, but this was a meh franchise for me. And then I decided, you know what? F*ck it. If it gets too gory for me, I'll stop. I could tell you that I shrank away from too much stupid Gasai, etc...

 I finished all twenty six episodes in four days. I woke up thinking about Mirai Nikki, drank/showered/walked to school, studied for my freaking Math EXAM on Mirai Nikki. I was obsessed!! Honestly, it was really good. It had everything you could have ever asked for from an anime, and mind you, Mirai Nikki is insane! It had gore, violence, nudity, and excellent swoon-worthy cast of characters (oh my ovaries, Akise Aru!) and spectacular soundtracks. I don't know, but I simply love it. However, I cannot simply focus on its assets: Mirai Nikki was riddled with negativity.

  Plot: Massive plot holes more specifically. Let me narrate them: What about the Eighth? Does she have any back story? What about the ones that were just underdeveloped but played such major roles? The Eleventh, maybe? Did Deus create the humans? If he has only control over causality, how did the humans come to life? He seems pretty limited as to what he can actually control. He is not all-knowing, now is he? I mean, people seems to have a problem as to why Deus decided to accept the Eleventh proposal on the usage of the mirai nikkis, but my answer to that actually is why not? Personally, I think it is a great idea. (Not a plot hole though, that last sentence). Why is Deus Ex Machine, the GOD OF TIME AND SPACE dying??!! That is probably the number one thing I understood the least about the whole show. Does he has a set, fixed time to live? If this analogy is true, then there must have been gods the lived prior to him, right? Then who made the VERY FIRST god? Why only live for ten thousand years? Are these death games repetitive events in history? That would have made an excellent setting for the already excellent setting. Then, a much more excellent setting, I should say. HOW DID THE EIGHTH MANAGE TO CREATE COLORFUL COPIES OF HIMSELF OUT OF HYPNOSIS???? That had never been explained. I thought his death was the most epic thing that I have ever seen, and oh... *scratches head* These holes, though too late, should be filled up. There way too many. Why is it that Gasai and Amano Yukiteru-kun (I like saying that!) never got arrested for all the damage they did? For heaven's sake, that would have been so interesting after Gasai got through the Japanese SWAT TEAM clad with only her feminine clothes and came out unscathed. Granted, the soldiers could have been shocked, but the amount of damage the nikki users made... This should have gotten a lot more attention!

And oh, did anyone notice something weird? In episode eight, Yuki saw Hinata's arm detached from her body, and her a couple of meters away. Did anyone click on something, that that might have been possibly fake? Tell you why: there was no blood. On the ground, on Hinata, nope none. 

Ah... Yare, yare.

  However, the plot of the show itself is pretty simple: survive, dodge the Dead Ends as fast as you can, kill before you are killed by other diary users,and..yeah. I would classify this show in arcs where the focus is on one antagonist at a time for a couple of episodes. The main characters, have to fight them, new betrayals happen, the bad guy dies, and a new one emerges. Actually, Mirai Nikki has the most basic plot that tries to be cloaked by fancy.. descriptions, new revelations, Gasai's stupid yandereness and epic actions none the less. And oh, I should mention that Yuki grew as a character in the space of me clicking 'next episode" (ep 19) I thought his entrance was so badass with that music and I'm like who is this arrogant, handsome lad...
Then I found that that GASAI planned it. You can imagine how I felt...

 Characters/Analysis: (I will not do a review of Akise Aru: when my top ten favorite male characters list is made, there he will appear.) 
Gasai Yuno is beautiful, she is incredibly cute and badass, and her craziness must be the most endearing thing about her. After all, she is a yandere, no? What's not to like, I mean, jeez, killing in the name of love! YUKI, YUKI, YUKI, YUKI!! She is the selling point of the whole series and is probably the most amazing yandere the world has ever seen. I mean, nicknamed, Yandere Queen and all. Yuno holding a knife and jumping up and down while shouting "YUKI SAW ME" is just.. gosh! 
And I hate her. 
Come at me, I swear to you, do. I am going to get a mountain level of hate and I am waiting for your knives flying at me. Don't worry, I am on a whole different level of crazy (S.M. style) and if your waiting for pink-haired hicks flying at you, you will be sadly disappointed. The level of hate you can garner toward me, well.. I could hardly give a sh*t. She annoys me. She is only a trope and has very few, 
I repeat, very few personality traits aside from a being a trope! Check :http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Yandere (they have her exact personality written there...)  Gasai has the most annoying voice the world has ever seen. I mean, I understand that it is a way to set her character, make her seem this cute, nice girl that only shadows her true, evil personality. But I dislike her so much, even the roots of her hair bother me. I never liked pink anyway. The only time I actually take Gasai seriously is when her voice deepens. Those are the only times that I am scared of her.

I know that she is supposed to be the most complex character of the show, and I admit that sometimes her actions are completely unpredictable to me, but her whole Yuki mindset is so outrageous and redundant , this character falls flat. I am sorry. I cannot understand her love. From episodes 23-26, the show tries to explain her actions, why she killed him in the first world-to join him in the second world- and she tried to do the same in the second world, moving to the third world... All I see is one female character turning a brutal game into a play to be with YUKI, and I am pretty sure that all that interests her are his sex organs. I mean, for heavens's sake, she tried to kill her love! I mean, I know that her love is sick (and gosh, is it!) and it is not the best, but her complex reasons just fall flat to my ears. I cannot understand Gasai. Holy krist, she chains him up away from civilisation in an abandoned hotel and almost got him pissing in a cup! Kono shojo... She runs head first into anyone, and that b*tch had the guts to kill AKISE! I will never forget that! There seems to be this thing where everyone has a problem on how easily she got through the Swat Team: she had been not only a goddess prior, but is also very good at killing (the only thing, in my opinion, that she is good at) and has played he game before. Ugh, why am I defending this chick??

 Uryu Minene: One word: awesome. I cannot begin to fathom the amount of strength she has. The first moments she appeared on screen as a terrorist I thought: how interesting. I did not particularly like her, but after she became somewhat 'good' while retaining he basic personality is amazing. She is so strong, as she had to survive through such hardships when she was younger. She has the sexiest smile, the best character design and the best seiyuu next to Akise in the whole series. She is as unpredictable  as Gasai (positively, of course) and sometimes her choices makes my heart jump to my throat. Besides being the most hardcore character in the whole show, she is so funny! That episode with her acting all moe was the best. Nishijima was also a great character, and had he not died, they would have been the perfect couple. Because, you know, Yukiiii!!! had to happen. This show? Don't get too attached to characters. They will die.

 Deux Ex Machina: I don't know whether you noticed, but I tend to be quite biased. I only agree to focus on the part of the show that interested me, because either some characters did nothing to me, I felt that their existence was irrelevant, or I just don't care about them at all. Deus did this thing to me... Well, let me explain. Under normal circumstances, if I heard someone say: I will remove them from the games and erase them from existence (ep 19) I would probably hate this character A LOT. However, I felt nothing. Nothing at all. Him declaring that was the most natural thing in he world for me, and even declaring the survival game itself was another level of natural. His acts are amoral, in other words god-like, and they seem pretty normal to me. Strange... 

 Animation/Soundtrack: The animation was on a more basis neutrality for me. To elaborate, I would say that I did not care much. I watched it in HD and it was pleasing to my eyes. However, to say it is the best thing I have ever seen would be a lie. I felt nothing towards it because there was nothing that popped out to me much. It's there. I mean that it exists to be watched. It got the point of the show across. All in all pretty average animation. To say the same about the original soundtracks? I would have to be insane! The music, when it commends it, sends your heart pumping. When it commends it, you are crying your eyes out. The music of this show enhances every single scene and never one had I ever felt disappointed. Incredible. It may seem as if I give glowing review to everything, but I have to say, despite Mirai Nikki's awesomeness, in terms of music, cannot beat Fairytail. Pure and simple. 

 Rating: 8.1/10 (I did not want to give an 8 nor an 8.5, thus I choose safer ground). Despite this show's numerous flaws, and sometimes poorly developed plot points, it is an amazing, roller coaster of a ride that you will never regret being on. I remember crying my eyes out, no exaggeration, tears rolling down my cheeks and feeling like the world was going to end. This show has a way of making you feel so many different kinds of emotion, and Mirai Nikki was the first animation I watched that actually made me cry. Considering the fact they they were supposed to be the antagonists. I have never cried over antagonists before. That scene was just so beautiful, when Marco was pushing up the rock to save Ai even when he was dying. You actually care about these characters once they are developed. 
It was when the Sevenths died. 
It is a must watch! 

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