My First Update!

My first banner!
So, as you can see, the world has been spinning the wrong way. In this case, I mean my exams are coming up. The end of the year exams has got me nervous. Well, the ones I do well on anyhow! I don't care about my physics exam because I just KNOW that I won't do well. I had been failing all year, but don't worry. I am not a stupid person. I did manage to make it on the honor roll with physics as a failure. I consider that to be pretty good.

Been chillin' with Levi these days...

 Anyhow, I know that my blog posts will be fewer and fewer for the next two weeks. I will try to do my best to keep it at once a week, but I cannot guarantee that it will be plausible. I am still obsessively watching anime through, but I have to focus. My French final is tomorrow, after all!

You guys probably noticed my currently watching list, right? Don't tell me: I know that it is flat-out impossible to be watching three animes at once. I also am not watching them anyhow. I have been obsessing over Shingeki no Kyojin lately, and I just finished both OVA's. I had started Kill la Kill, but despite all the awesome action sequences, where the heck is the plot?? Granted, I am only on episode three. I have not started Death Note yet, but I plan to in a couple of days. The Monogatai Series has been boring me lately, and I am surprised that I am on episode eighteen.

No need to explain who she is. 

 I am adding more memes, and the new one will the one that I used the most. I will be fixing my old banners because I just can't stand them. Tonikaku, this was an update. I have been watching anything but the animes on my currently watching list. Ha, the not-so-there irony.

Anyhow, have a nice day!

 Yours truly.


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