Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Ova 2: Ilse's Notebook, Episode 2

On that day, the boy remembered with fear that he was subject to their dominance and recalled with shame that the walls around him were a cage...

Sounds interesting right? Of course it does! Then you see.... 
Jean drawing Mikasa.
 Ladies and Gentlemen, Attack on Titan, OVA 2!!!

You know that when they change the opening, and instead of Jean doing a slow motion flip as he usually did, he seems to take front and center. I knew. I knew that Hajime Isayama's favorite character was going to rock the core. I did not expect this to take place after his character development, and I sort of cringed. I never appreciated his past selfish ways, the one that talked big just to be noticed by Mikasa. But this OVA, hands down, has to be the funniest OVA I have ever seen. I mean, Jean's babyish nature was perfect for this setting, as you can just sit and laugh at him all you want.

              (Who let the horse into the editing room? Attack on Titan OP, Jean version.)

I remember ROFLing when I was listening to Armin's intro, because it truly seems that he was subject to their dominance (his feelings for Mikasa. The loser was drawing her on his bed!!) and recalled with shame that the walls around him were a cage (his bedroom walls) and the cages are taken care of its superior owner (his mom). And such, Jean's mom walks up the stairs in freaking slow motion, and I thought he'd be masturbating. He probably had been, and was mighty embarrassed that his mom had seen him such a compromising *cough cough: double entendre* situation. And oh man, I was so ready for this! I am going to highlight some of the main points of the show as a form of commentary. 
  • Dot Pixis: So. The first scene featuring Dot Pixis... was interesting. I mean, I know that he is a heavy drinker and all, but to see him sleep, get woken up, and him asking for food was a new thing. I love Dot Pixis. This guy is a badass. One day, I will make my own top ten AOT characters and I don't expect him to be very low.  One lesson I learned: never take Pixis super seriously when he is drunk. Sh*t happens in the form of cooking competitions. One of my favorite pairing is the whole Sasha x Potato pairing. It is pretty infamous. 
  • LOL, Eren could not even pick up ONE box. Mikasa comes in carrying THREE of them pretties. I laughed so hard, but stopped because poor Eren sounded a little flustered. I like Eren.
  • Jean-Boy. I kind of dislike the way they pronounce it : djan-bo.
  • Mikasa working out... Honestly, I wonder if this is Isayama's style of fanservice. If it is, it is a huge turn-off. I am not sexist, but I believe I only mind seeing guys do such things. Girls going at it a little strange to me, but it explains how she was able to beat Eren in terms of strength. I still think it is fan disservice however. Enjoy this video of points 3 and 5!


    • Because of Jean/Connie/Sasha's incessant arguing, Pixis decided that an epic cook-off would cool them down. This is a point to be debated however, as seen in the above video how heated it was in the kitchen. That scene has to be my favorite scene in the whole OVA where you can Jean and Sasha's passion burning through. They are really doing this and going at it with all they've got. 
    • One of the intermission pictures had Levi telling people the secret of cooking. The director must have gone into stupid titan mode for not including Levi. This setting was perfect for him!
    • Please enjoy Sasha's ballistic screams in the kitchen in the above video. Truly lives up to her title as a hunter and a farm girl!
    • The "HUH?" Jean does before he he uses his ballistic cooking methods when his mother visited was so priceless and well-done, I "almost" cried for the poor kid. He sounded like that was the worst new he had ever heard. He looked horrified (a little) and the sound of upcoming tragedy slipping form his animated lips was imminent. What followed next was not so funny IMO.
    • So. One of the compilation of scenes that will follow next is the one in the forest. Jean was turning in circles, and even when he declares that "even though we've seen this tree before, we are not lost." Oh, of course not Jean, of course not. 
    • Both teams were looking for a sacred bull? I don't remember what kind of animal it was, but the first thing they do (Sasha and Connie)... is poke at its feces. Damn. I expect no less from Potato Girl and Stupid Flash. Even Reiner's face was like: What they hell did I get myself into? I'd ask the same thing too.
    • I don't like Reiner. His reluctance was good for a reason.
    • Reiner gets smacked by Sasha, then elbowed, and then she says and I quote: "The World is connected you know?? What would you ancestors think?" HAHAHA, aw man. That made NO SENSE whatsoever. Why do you think she is acting this way you ask? Because Reiner did not want to help Capture the...boar! Right, it was a boar. Now I remember. 
    • Because somehow, someone's ancestors have something to do with the killing of animals for the pure enjoyment of humans' self-indulgence. Whatever that speech was, it persuaded Reiner to stick. Probably, because he hadn't understood either and did not want to get smacked anymore. I don't blame him.
    • This next video is pure gold!                                 

    •                                                                                                                                                                       Armin is so weak he breaks his leg going up the stairs, then the other falling down...                                                                                                                  
    • I remember Armin baiting Sasha with potatoes to try to get her to forget the boar. OMG, for someone as smart as Armin, he should have known that that was NOT going to work! But it was still funny to watch none the less.
    • This girl's determination is so big (Sasha's) that when Armin was baiting her all she said was : Boar steaks, Boar sausages,, smoked boiled and ROASTED!! So funny!

    Jean's treatment of his mom was definitely unacceptable. It was a little harsh and unsound, but like, you have got to understand him a little. She waltzes in there carrying her basket of fruits and starts talking about how everyone should be nice to him, how he is a problem child. It is truly embarrassing and I feel for this guy. But the mom should also know not to do that, but I guess she is a little simple-minded. His mom might have also been a little lonely and wanted to pay him a visit. He loves her after all. This is when the OVA started to get a more serious tone.

    Jean reflected on his actions and deemed them too harsh. He remembers all the time that she had been kind to him, loving him, devoting her very minutes to him and taking care of all his needs. He remembers her saying that he was a kind kid when he took care of her when she was sick. You just get a sense of how much she cares for him and Jean uses her strength to help him go on and cook as he is alone. Those scenes were so powerful, it shows how much of a heart he possesses. He is a jerk with a heart of gold. He loves his mom, and he made a silent vow to her. It was beautiful, exhilarating. 

    Jean's omelet looked seriously disgusting compared to Sasha's delicious chicken. But Jean just HAD to win considering that it was his OVA. It was stupid because I thought that Sasha would win. I mean Pixis flew skyward, started slashing titans left and right at lightning speeds, did not forget his alcohol, transformed into a titan, and had the likes of JEAN, ARMIN, and MIKASA to transform into titans as well to "protect the city" from this rampaging monster by imitating Eren.... Seriously, this was the scene that got me rolling on the floor (or bed) trying so hard to contain my laughter, I cried. I have never seen anything so funny, especially these guys saying "Leave it up to us!" and transforming into the ugliest-ass titans I've ever seen! 
    This all came from Sasha's boar whatever, and knowing how much I love meat, I can understand Pixis.

    Then Jean handed that disgusting, barf-worthy thing. Pixis did NOTHING and he won. No big celebration. If I understood correctly, Jean won because 1, it was Pixis' supper time, 2, because meat is meat, and 3, Sasha should have stuck to potatoes and carrots. Carrots?? Sasha's tormented muttering made no sense. I have never seen her eat carrot before. 

                                                                     (Those poses at 0:43.....)

    Final thoughts/Rating: Nonetheless, this OVA was incredibly funny, amazing and beautifully animated. You get introduced to familiar characters and you either love them more or hate them more. The scores will get you into the moment. You will fall over yourself laughing, I promise you. Remember, this is Attack on Titan, so this amount of humor is rare. It should be taken advantage of. 

    Overall, 9.8/10! 


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