Black Rock Shooter, the OVA Review

The last reviews that I wrote are starting to take a toll on me. I hate negativity. I am usually a happy-go-lucky person. But my reviews lately went down as far as 4.5/10! I still have to review SAO part 2, and I really don’t want to do it because the rating is lower than part one. I wrote more than 1960 words (5 freaking Microsoft Word pages) for the SAO review, and my review of Mirai Nikki: Redial that was supposed to be short is nearly 1500 words. I can’t write so many words of hate! But the BRS OVA is going to force me to do just that. I am really looking for an anime that I can give a positive outlook on. 
  Look for a more positive outlook featuring Kill la Kill! Because I am so tired of writing negative words, I will focus more on the ...irrelevant stuff of the OVA. I call this a healing review: a healing from sickness (negative reviewing). I won’t divide this into sections. Don’t expect much: don’t expect me to be spot-on either because I don’t exactly remember what happened in the OVA (I won’t rewatch it: not interested) and will base it mostly on impressions.
Jah, hajimeru!

Full Impressions on the OVA:

Let just stay that it started on a less than light note. I observed the girl I knew to be Black Rock Shooter (BRS) battling it out with this entity who’s theme color is red (Black Gold Saw I learned later on).  I will tell you that I watched the OVA after watching the main series itself. Despite that, I was STILL confused as to what was going on throughout the entire thing.  My little sister, who is several years younger than me, had to explain to me WTH was going on.
It is your typical slice of life anime. It starts off with this girl who wakes up (yawn) brushes her teeth, tells her mother how annoyed that she is with her younger sibling (double yawn) and is off to school with a SINGLE loaf of bread in her mouth. Quirky, yes, and the animation is used to enhance just that. Based on the former commentaries, you had to assume that I felt into the deepest, most unrelenting boredom that I had ever encountered in all of my time as an anime watcher. The animation was so ...boring. There were no vibrant colors, nothing that stood out much for me.

Man, one thing the BRS franchise is NOT missing are gorgeous wallpapers! They are the singles best I have ever
seen for ANY anime!

The story line is interesting though. Thank goodness that I watched the TV series, because I would have been incredibly confused if I hadn’t. Not once did the OVA specify that BRS/Dead Master existed in an alternate universe, that they are the characters’ alter egos, that the actions/consequences carried out in the mortal world are different than those in the BRS worlds. I said that I was going to focus on the irrelevancy. It is impossible. Frankly, I disliked the OVA. Here we go again, another review-bashing. Frankly, I am getting a headache...

The fight sequences between Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter were lovingly choreographed, and as most should know, I loved the weapons and the character designs. They had changed a lot from the OVA to the TV series. (More on that later). But, the CG was not as effective or did not carry the wham that composes the TV series. The eye flame is just ridiculous and those few seconds that you see DM dodging BRS’s attacks (before they went underground)...I had to replay that several times before I understood exactly what was going on. BRS’s cannon shots run on par to my thoughts on her eye flame, and the CG was just not as solid as I was hoping it to be. The action scenes however were outstanding in the TV series, as they obviously stepped up the animation. Do not expect much from the OVA. There was nothing worth a standing ovation for.


The soundtracks are amazing, especially the one named “Battle of BRS” (played when BRS was getting her ass handing to her with chains).  I loved the OP (named “Black Rock Shooter).  The soundtracks really helped energize the OVA. They were just brilliantly incorporated and full of life, energy and just what makes any popping soundtrack work.

The characters are believable, I admit this. Full of angst and high school drama, this will definitely appeal to those who prefer this genre.  I still don’t like them. I can relate, however. It is a dash of reality (the characters) plus a pinch of surrealism (the setting). But the whole:  I meet a friend, we are...very close to each other, but no, there is another chick, and then the former chick is completely depressed, than her alter ego (Dead Master) rejects the MC’s alter ego for some reason, and...yeah. This is basically BRS. I admit that it is interesting, but it could have been a lot better. Slice of life is not my cup if tea. 

The plot could have been a little less simple.  BRS was clearly trying to reconcile with Dead Master (as Mato to Yomi) and the reactions are as akin as they are different (the alter ego’s fight each other). What I found interesting however, was BRS approach to Dead Master. First, she extended her hand. Then she chased her, defended herself against all attacks, and attacked when obviously provoked. The one thing that shocked me the most was the fact that she HUGGED Dead Master near the end. That was very surprising considering the way that BRS took care of Mato’s problems in the TV series. It was cute, and I wonder why they did not keep this side of her. But, no, she had to become a destructive saviour.

Character design change: ORE,

The change is obvious. Despite the fact that she looks much more badass, she looked ferocious compared to her softer counterpart. I prefer the OVA version. She looked much more feminine! XD

Overall, I did not enjoy it much, but watched it out of boredom. It was never explained how Dead Master took control of Yomi (obvious plot hole), nor why BRS fused with Mato in the end. Looking for Yomi... Are they going to go back to BRS’s world? Didn’t BRS bring Yomi to Mato? Ugh, so many questions left unanswered. It sucks, because, at the end of the day, I still ended up bastardizing a review!

Rating: 4/10


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