Mirai Nikki (Future Diary): Redial Review

Minna-san (I hope that is how it is written), I am back yet again!

One of the best characters I have ever encountered. Love you, Akise!

 This time, I have to get rid of the Mirai Nikki anything to fully move on. I don’t know if I will check out Paradox, because apart from the name, I do not fully know what it is. Just one night after playing 2048,, at 1 AM, I decided that I was not sleepy yet. I got a sudden, brilliant, Einstein-genius idea: Let me watch Mirai Nikki Redial!

I am currently working on my Black Butler Season 2 review, my B*RS OVA review, and Nisemonogatari (that toothbrush scene though). I am loaded but I have been working like crazy to get reviews done. This one is not going to be very long. But, without further ado, let us begin.

My Take on Redial:
O-ochitsuite kudasai! I hate seeing you like this , BB!

If you had read my actual review of the TV series, you would know that 1) Mirai Nikki is part of my top ten favorite anime(s) and, 2) Akise Aru is my favorite character followed closely by Uryuu Minene. I won’t go through too much detail on them, focusing a bit more on the secondary characters. In the case of Amano Yukiteru...I just don’t care about that guy. I already spoke about the failed character development he went through in the main series. Apart from his good looks, he exists solely to be a main character and a stark contrast/foil to Gasai Yuno.

Also, you should know about my strong dislike for those I-go-by-the-TV Tropes-definition-of-yandere characters like Gasai Yuno. A textbook character, defined fully by name. I was told that my opinion of her would change if I watched Redial, and guess what? It didn’t. Not even by a little. It may have made me dislike her even more. I didn’t particularly like revisiting the ending scene that happened in the last episode of the TV series. Her death there fell pretentiously to my eyes. I don’t know, but I felt as if the creators tries in vain to make her actions seem justified in the very last episodes of the TV series.

Bitch, I hate you, No matter what, I always will!

Redial left me with many questions, including the poor animation quality. It was a grainy scale, and the lighting was very low. Nothing was crisp and clear. I tried several websites and the quality stayed the same. Maybe this was done on a very low budget? Well, it barely matters now. I also noticed that some of the character features were slightly off, including the personalities. Akise seems...cockier than usual. Akise is a ridiculously intelligent character, and he demonstrates it through arrogance. His arrogance, however, is sexy and endearing. His interactions with both Deus and Yuno made me cringe. They molested my favorite character in this. He had way too much attitude for my taste, and I don’t think that he would have blatantly confronted Yuno about his feelings for Yukki normally. He only used this technique in the main series to enrage Yuno, but that was only using a kiss. For him to blatantly say that he was jealous of her? It...just...did not seem like him.

Minene was her amazing self. I can’t engage her character, because she had not changed. I don’t want to start fangirling all over her. In other words, I do not have anything new to say apart from the general knowledge. I liked the OP theme. I was shocked to see Yukiteru’s face in Deus’s body. I am guessing that this is how it works. Deus’s head was a mask and the body a puppet? Jah, nandemo nai. I did not particularly care about the ED theme. Never stuck and did not finish watching it. It was really funny how Mao and Yuno (especially Yuno, of all people) kept groping Hinata (her thing-things are quite big: I would play with them too). The beginning was light and airy. However, Redial raised many questions. I am not a stupid person, and I can understand anything deep. But Mirai Nikki has a habit of raising many questions with absolutely no answers.

She be pretty. This pic be clear...

I will start by stating what I understood. I understood that this was happening in the 3rd world: the Gasai Yuno in this episode is the 3rd world Yuno, evidenced by her playful attitude and the way that she seems so friendly. She is different from her known counterpart. There is a third survival game happening ten thousand years after Yukiteru became a god. The Murmur in the cage was 1st world Yuno’s Murmur: she may have taken over Yuno (or the other way around, or it may have been a way to remind the viewers, or a way for her to stand out), because for some reason she was sporting Yuno’s hair and cape. She managed to reach 3rd world Yuno through telepathy, in the same style that Deus did in episode one of the main series. 1st world Murmur handed 1st world Yuno’s memories to 3rd world Yuno for reasons that evade me, because under no circumstances would I ever want to “revive” such a character. I wished she’d stayed dead forever, of course. I sort of don’t get the complete reason behind this remaking: this should have made a happy ending for Akise, not Gasai.

That aside, where was Amano exactly? He seemed to be in this dark... space in what seems to be underground. Random note: he is hot with long hair. But, why was he there? 3rd world Gasai fell down into his arms from up, as if he was in some kind of basement. Why was there another Deus if Yukiteru became god?? I really don’t understand that part: should the 3rd world Deus be Yukiteru? Was the dark space where Yukki was inside the body of Deus? I did not understand. I should go back and read online if someone had, because I was confused the entire time watching this.

I love this chick so much. Easily in my top favorite females.

Yuno accepts the memories (ockay...?), and the first thing that she does... is try to find Amano? Wait, what?! Shouldn’t you shy away from such a thing? Yuno was far from your average protagonist, and despite Murmur’s please-accept-all-her-murderous-tendencies speech, I would be defiant. She suddenly feels like she has to find him? Falls into his arms as if they were lovers? Wait, what?? Last time I checked, you may forget a particular event (or snippets of one memory), but not how something made you feel (liked it, made you happy, etc: impressions). In 3rd world Yuno’s case, memories and emotions should be unrelated because, 1) she did not experience them; they don’t belong to her and, 2) these are memories: the feelings are not attached. In other words, whatever twisted emotions 1st world Gasai ever experienced should not be relayed to 3rd world Yuno. Thus, a way of redeeming comes out as forced. Overlooking the smallest details with someone as observant as me? Not going to happen. Just like the fight scene between Murmur and Minene. That is obviously a way to throw in some action, but the only thing I could muse over is the fact that that plot point is clich├ęd: too reminiscent of the main series.
Meh (him)... but the picture is beautiful! The artist is awesome!

Random note: I saw the same scene TWICE at the beginning. I won’t go over this: I really, really DID NOT understand the point of that. It is probably a technique to stretch Redial the length that is it By the way, how did the 3rd world Yuno execute such a move on Akise? She is probably one of the contestants of the 3rd world survival game, yes, but 1st world Yuno would have been able to do this on Akise, because she had been a goddess once. Was 3rd world Yuno taking karate or something?

Final Thoughts: For many, Redial will be a breath fresh air. You will love Yuno more, or if you are like me, you will dislike her even more (because she just couldn’t stay dead!). I wished that 1st world Yuno had been like her 3rd world counterpart. By the way, the 3rd world Yuno still didn’t have enough personality. She started doing the whole “Yukki, Yukki, YUKKI!” garbage all over, very similar to Mikasa’s “Eren, Eren, EREN!” obsession (which I also hate). But I noticed for the first time that Yuno is sort of pretty, that is, considering the fact that I don’t like pink. (Jeez, I really come off as a hater!). She would have been a more engaging to me if she had been a little more developed, with more quality traits. But, I still don’t like her, and by the way things are going, I will never like her. I definitely like Mao, Hinata, and Kosaka (especially Kosaka). They are pretty cool. Overall, I thought it was quite boring and had difficulty NOT putting it down. But I did it for the sake of...doing it. 

Rating: 6/10


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