SAO EPisode 5 Recap

YO!! (I'm sorry the pictures are not clear! Uploaded from Iphone!)


It has actually been quite a while since I have seen the fifth episode of SAO. I am sorry that this is so late, but I was two hours away from home most of the day today, and yesterday, my mom refused to let me finish blogging! *Pouting Face* But this time, I have decided that it must be done, that is, before I forget what It is I was going to say!


Kirito enters the Bullet of Bullets, this game where the players face off against each other to test their strengths, win prizes, and possible increase their rank. Right off the bat, these men already seemed so suspicious. No one needed them to show off, they are going to get crushed, mashed, sliced, diced and rolled by Kirito. However, the fact that Kirito continues to stay focused on his goal while maintaining the trap endowment was ever increasing in urgency. He is participating in the hope of attracting Death Gun, who makes it his purpose of targeting those he deems strong. Kirito is beyond a BAMF, thus it makes perfect sense.

Arriving within the change room, Sinon, after thoroughly explaining him some of the gimmicks of the game, strips, like, you are female also Kirito, right? It should not be a problem, we are both girls! Hayaku! He covers his eyes quickly upon seeing the half-naked girl, stutters and unveils his true gender: Kirito--Male.
As predicted, the discovery was very comical. She slapped him. Clich├ęd, yes, but I am also very shocked. I actually thought that she was going to kill him! Afterward, their relationship tanked, because, well I wonder why? She barely explained the bigger picture, the parcel of the basics handed over to Kirito in contempt and sad hilarity.  Now, they are literally enemies that will kill each other on the battlefield.


I was so incredibly happy to see Kirito actually struggle on the battlefield for once. He came in there, barely knowledgeable on his surroundings, and ended up relying on his own senses to guide him, which was a real step form the usual effortless curb stomps. The visuals were incredible, Kirito's every movements captured perfectly, and I even wheezed along with him at the end. Like, phew! Despite your incredible skills, one down, fours more to go! This is actually turning out really good!

At the end of the battle, Kirito was searching for Sinon. I thought that was quite odd, considering the way she dropped you so hard. Suddenly, a voice from behind, in complete surprise, it was---


OMG, jaw drop. He keeps going on and on about whether or not Kirito was the real deal, getting creepier and creepier every second, and I was like what is going to happen?? Kirito was on guard, (normal reaction), and I thought he was going to kill him! Death Gun obviously knows who Kirito is and obviously watched the entire battle enough to actually know that 1) he is Kirito based on the fact the he used a sword,, 2) his power, and 3) someone Kirito must have once known. Kirito falls under that conclusion, searches his mind for a concrete answer and when it could not get worst! Death Gun raises his arm and on it---

The Laughing Coffin symbol. 


One of those guys. From Season One. Obviously on a solo rampage. Knows exactly who Kirito is.

It seems, that yes, Kirito has succeeded partially in his goal, but--

Where is Sinon???


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