SAO Episode 6 Recap

Ah, man. I just finished this one episode of SAO and I am beyond invested into it now. At first, I was doubtful that I would like it, but now it has fully caught my undivided attention!

Laughing Coffin...

We start off where we left off last time, with Death Gun conversing with Kirito, and asking him if he is the real thing. The real Kirito, and not someone using his name. It was really scary, and it was taken up an extra notch this episode. You could really feel the tension, and when Death Gun raised his sleeve, which I believe was on purpose, Kirito relived a certain memory where one of the factions he once partied with were planning an attack against the criminal guild Laughing Coffin. Now, when I think about it, I don't remember ever seeing this fight at all in SAO. It was completely new to me. Kirito and Laughing Coffin had a bad history, which everyone knew about, but apparently Kirito had killed far more than I would have imagined. 

Hey, best pic I have ever taken....

I love how GGO has decided to incorporate Kirito's past life presently, and not do the same mistake as ALO. The guild of what he had done completely came back to bite him in the ass, and this is an exceptional piece of writing here. This could be beautifully developed if done right. This is the best episode by far of this season. The animation was beautiful, the visuals engaging and the music fulfilling---and Kirito was reduced into this:

Oh my goodness, help me.
What have they done to my favorite character?!! 


 I have never seen such a horrified gaze from the most badass character of the whole franchise. I was shaking along with him, literally sweating my eyes out and I feared for and with him. He was completely horrified at having memories that he thought he suppressed resurface with the unwarranted arrival of Death Gun, which he figured out was him. It was highhandedly, one of the best scenes in all of SAO. The fearless, cocky, powerful Kirito was rendered into a wimp by having his murderous secrets thrown right back into his face. It is freaking incredible, and I can't wait to find out who this Death Gun actually is. Kirito has already concluded that Death Gun is someone he knew and had spoken with after that massacre and the failed plan. The plan failed because they had been surprise attacked, when they thougt they had Laughing Coffin cornered. Then, this one f*cker came out of nowhere and started slashing everyone else, taking advantage of his enemies' kindness and lowered stance to go on a rampage. That is when he was killed by Kirito.

Gloomy awwww....

However, he still had a battle to fight, thus when Sinon showed, he clasped her hand with a desperaton I have never seen in his eyes before, prior to entering the arena. Even, Sinon, who dislikes him, was surprised by this. Why wouldn't she be? This is a guy last episode who was sort of rude to her in the first place, who possesses a gorgeous form with a sword, and is self-aware of his own prowess. Enough to be batsh*t insane and fight in a gun world...with a saber. Upon entering the fight, Kirito snaps and completely loses it. 

Why wouldn't he? Releasing tension fighting the worst way I have ever seen come from him. This episode was really setting up some previously unknown depth about Kirito. Enough for Sinon to understand the way he was feeling. He wins that battle, and it was time to face off against Sinon. It was setting up to be a futile, one-sided fight for Sinon until she snaps and demand a real match. Of course he completely dominates her, and win. Sinon admits that he is strong, but why is he so afraid. Kirito asks one very interesting question: If someone you loved was in danger of being killed by a guy who could annihilate someone in-game, would you be able to pull the trigger? 

Beleive me, I am morbid, but that is kind of hot... :(
By now, Sinon must have forgiven Kirito at some point because she started sounding like a total tsundere. Seriously, Miyuki Sawashiro's voice does not suit her at all. I frankly detest it. I was taking this episode seriously, going deeper in depth about Kirito...

then sexy time happened: 

Haha, I see what you did there you dirty, dirty boy!!

Yeah, he gets girls...while looking like a girl. 

Meanwhile the eyes of Death Gun are getting sparklier and sparklier with malice because you HAD to overpower the best player in GGO... And you know he targets the strong ones, neh, Kirito...

Jah, I decided to rate this one! 9.5/10!


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