Sword Art Online II Episodes 1-4 Impressions


*First off, sorry for the lack of pics. Want to avoid copyright, XD. NAH, too lazy to plug in my phone to extract the pictures and then upload*

Well, the summer 2014 anime exploded and so did the anime community! The fanboys are rolling over Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga kill, and who knows that the fangirls are watching?? Free! Eternal Summer? Another slice of life? Dreaming of season 2 of Attack on Titan? Mah, who knows? But what I do know is that the amount of hype surrounding these shows have got me doing two things: watching the weekly episodes of SAO and hoping to read the manga of Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga Kill. I don't know when I will get to these because I AM reading Koisuru Boukun, but I know that I will.

For now, SAO Season II!


I wanted to approach this as carefully as possibly because of the disappointing second season (which I still have got to write a review of). I was skeptical. It was a slow start, and to be honest, all I wanted to see in action was Kirito. The only reason why I watched (and continued to watch) SAO was because of him. Thus, I felt as if the start was slow at first. But I soon realized that that was stupid considering the fact I think they will respect the VNs for once. No cramming and stretching: A-1 Pictures and the team must have leaned something from this franchise. This will leave room for further character development when I hope that you'll get to see actual characterization and I might get attached to the characters.

To say, honestly, I am not interested in the new female lead, Sinon. For once, my favorite voice actress, Miyuki Sawashiro, was not a good choice for this girl. The voice does not work. Personally, I don't like Sinon much. I feel as if she was conceived to please to the male audience. Her outfit is sexy and all, and she is the best sniper in all of GGO. I swear, she will probably end up like Mikasa, except with a few more facial expressions, and maybe actual personality. Her outfit begs for the male gaze, and her nearly cold and emotionless attitude is supposed to convey her true situations at home. Yes, she possess an intense fear of guns, and because of that, she vows to kill the ones she deems  strongA.K.A if they freaking smile. It demonstrates confidence, and by killing them, she measures herself to them and hopes that one day her fearlessness in GGO might translate into the real word.

This chick might be a case.

Notice? I actually understand her! Do I like her?? NO! I hope that they might develop her a little more, and despite the fact that I feel for her, it is not enough. It sucks the way her mother looked at her after she killed that guy. I wanted to kill her mom. The story of GGO seems incredibly interesting, especially with the whole Death Gun guy. Aww, chucks though, they killed the guy Hiroshi Kamiya was voicing!! ZEXCEED! FIRST EPISODE! NOOOOO! I wanted more Hiroshi! But my goodness, that death was so weird. It was strange and shocking and the Death gun guy? Yeah, I can't wait! A possible real danger for Kirito.

I love the fact that Kirito's pass life was included in this. Its not as if the other seasons never happened. I mean, you get to see some of the secondary characters (all female, mind you)in ALO together. The plot seems to be going well with Kirito acting like a detective. I hope that they follow the VNs exactly. This might turn out really good.

I have a random observation: Kirito seems...different. I don't know, but maybe he has always been like this? I can't quite put my finger on it though! The OSTs seem to be good so far, as to be expected of the SAO franchise. SAO never disappointed in this field, and I expect god-tier. Nah, going to high but they should be really good. They fit very well, but I have yet to hear everything. On the OP and ED themes...I hope that they grow on me. I can't say much right now. But I will wait a little into the future. I mean, so far they are alright. May I also add the visuals??? They are beautiful! They really stepped up their game in terms of animation! Its amazing, and the setting of GGO is so well conceived and thought out. It is really cool and fitting for a gun world. It seems dirty and grimy, with asses roaming everyone with their big guns, oh yeah.


LOL, Kirito's female form is so funny. I mean, the moment he steps out looking like a girl with a perfectly masculine chest, guys be hitting on her. Kirito X Everyone (men), no kidding. If this drags on--Kirito leading Sinon to think he is a girl because he is FREAKING acting like one to lower her defense and the actor was trying so hard to sound feminine--we might get some yuri. If this is well done, the discovery of Kirito's gender might be very satisfying. Obviously, it is going to be comical.

All in all, SAO III possesses immense potential and I hope they don't ruin it! I hope that I might review most of the episodes, but I don't know. Can't promise anything. Kirito's badassness is very well justified. He brings his skills from the other games. I love how he took a sword for this and he doesn't just randomly possess immense, out-of-nowhere skill with the gun.



  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts... I still haven't watched this season of SAO but I'll definitely do that soon.. Kirito dressing up as a girl is pretty downright interesting and yess, the revelation later on might be a pretty comical one.. it's disappointing that you didn't like Sinon.. the PVs made me see her as some badass character but maybe my perspective will change once I actually watched this :)

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

    1. Ah, at least I hope that she possesses some half decent characterization. Then, I might like her!


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